Founded in 1995, JRS Germany provides pastoral assistance and legal advice for people awaiting deportation and in reception facilities for asylum seekers in Eisenhüttenstadt, Wünsdorf and Munich. In Berlin, we provide guidance on obtaining residence permits. While in Bavaria, we advise and support religious institutions and orders on church asylum. From 2016 the Frans van der Lugt project in Munich provides accommodation and social and legal support with the help of volunteers. We enable refugees to use their own voice in advocacy work to affect developments in refugee policy.



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Afghan Family in Church Asylum (Photo: SJ-Bild, L.Stübner SJ).
Young Refugee reading his legal Papers in Detention, Bavaria (Photo: SJ-Bild/L. Stübner SJ).
After the lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, many refugees and asylum seekers experienced financial distress. JRS Germany supported the most vulnerable by providing them with vouchers to purchase essential goods (Photo: JRS Germany).


JRS Germany Country Director

Fr Claus Pfuff SJ


Project locations: Berlin, Munich, Essen, Eisenhüttenstadt, Bavaria

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