JRS Romania runs several projects to assist refugees and forced migrants.

The majority of the activities target directly the beneficiaries, at least 3,000 people annually, and consist of legal assistance and representation, social counselling, material assistance and accommodation, medical care, and cultural and educational activities. They also run advocacy activities and campaigns, since they are deeply involved in studies, trainings and seminars and monitoring visits.

JRS’s actions aim at promoting public policies based on sustainability, coherence and unity from a practical point of view, that safeguard sets of legal regulations protecting migrants in need to actively influence social policies. Almost all categories of foreign citizens have been part of JRS’s programmes regarding integration, voluntary repatriation, relocation, reception conditions, asylum or detention.

JRS is present in Romania in all open reception centres (Bucharest, Timisoara, Somcuta Mare, Giurgiu, Radauti and Galati), and in the two detention centres (Arad and Otopeni). Moreover, it runs two integration centres in Galati and Constanta for people who benefit of some form of protection and for third-country nationals residing in the Southeast part of Romania.

JRS is also conducting regular visits at the borders and within the international airports, and it is the only NGO providing accommodation and social services for tolerated people as an alternative to detention in its Pedro Arrupe Centre in Bucharest.

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Since returns to countries of origin were paused in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, migrants in detention were released. JRS Romania runs the only centre for tolerated persons in the country and provides them with accommodation and daily warm meals (Photo: Catalin Albu/JRS Romania).
A group of Afghan asylum seekers prepares a special meal at the Pedro Arrupe Centre in Bucharest (Photo: JRS Romania).
Romanian language class (Photo: JRS Romania).


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