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06 Aug, 2020

The refugee community in Beirut has experienced significant loss. JRS offices and the Burj Hammoud social center and school were all badly damaged as a result of the explosion in Beirut this August. We are raising funds to provide emergency assistance to affected households.

03 Aug, 2020

JRS stands with the displaced Yazidi community in demanding that the world remember the genocide and acknowledge the irrevocable impact it has had on the Yazidi community.

03 Aug, 2020

Social inclusion is among the newest major challenges for the Croatian public administration. It requires that all involved stakeholders work together, and a clear migration and integration policy.

A group of attendes to a three-day training "Experiences, challenges and positive practices in the integration of persons from the Resettlement Programme" organised by JRS Croatia.
28 Jul, 2020

The Diocesan Delegation of Migrations has launched the project #RefAidFronteraSur to help people in transit to easily access information about the humanitarian services available.

06 Jul, 2020

“Ten Years Looking the Other Way” is the title of the new annual report on the detention of irregular migrants of JRS Europe’s partner in Spain, the Jesuit Migrant Service (Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes, SJM).

02 Jul, 2020

JRS Ireland has launched a new study, Protection with Dignity: Roadmap to System Change, which identifies three mechanisms for system change to end Direct Provision: expedited long stayer scheme to achieve a twelve month case processing target; new model of accommodation provision based on a ‘distribution key’; and a holistic range of person centre supports from the moment of arrival.

28 Jun, 2020

JRS UK’s report ‘Detained and Dehumanised: The impact of immigration detention’ draws from the accounts of 27 forcibly displaced people supported by JRS UK, with direct experience of detention spanning the last 20 years. It finds that the Home Office policy of immigration detention fosters a culture of death, self-harm and ongoing trauma leaving those who are detained, or threatened by the prospect of detention, dehumanised.

23 Jun, 2020

JRS MENA urges participants in the fourth Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region to provide resources and support efforts that improve accessto quality education for Syrian children in the region.

20 Jun, 2020

Today, on World Refugee Day, we call for eyes and hearts to open to action by recognizing, contemplating, and sharing the life of refugees, internally displaced persons, and migrants.