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Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Every year, the number of refugees arriving in Bosnia and Herzegovina increases moving JRS to expand the scope of its work. JRS BiH works in the Bihać and Velika Kladuša camps, offering assistance and responding to the needs of refugees accommodated there. Children in the camps are our focus for assistance, they are provided with psychological support and day care.



JRS Croatia implements numerous projects to assist refugees and asylum seekers. Since 2018, the Centre for the Integration of Refugees – SOL creates a space for JRS staff to support and empower individuals and families who have obtained refugee status in the integration process. JRS Croatia organises activities such as Croatian culture and history classes and language lessons.



JRS Kosovo aims to protect and enforce the rights of all asylum seekers. We focus on ensuring that asylum seekers can obtain fair and efficient procedures. JRS Kosovo works in partnership with other organisations to advocate for the situation of children and to improve the economic conditions of refugees arriving in the country.



JRS Macedonia focuses on assisting asylum seekers in the country’s reception centers. Our team visits the centres and provides people with social, medical, and educational support. In addition, JRS Macedonia also accompanies forced migrants who are held in detention centers.



The focus of JRS Serbia’s work is the protection of unaccompanied children in need of asylum. Through our Integration House we accompany and accommodate 40 children and provide them with medical, psychological, and educational care to facilitate integration and knowledge of the local culture. In 2016-2017, we provided emergency support and essential aid to people who crossed Serbia following the so-called Balkan route bolstering the services provided by government reception facilities.


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Staze/Paths magazine by the JRS team in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Photo: Kristof Holvenyi/JRS Europe).
Children playing at the courtyard of Borici Camp in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Photo: Kristof Holvenyi/JRS Europe).
Hesham, a cultural mediator for JRS in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina shows card tricks to the residents of Bira camp (Photo: Kristof Holvenyi/JRS Europe).
JRS staff playing with children in a child friendly room in "Hotel Porin" reception centre in Zagreb, Croatia; the building used to be a hotel, now it serves as reception centre for refugees and migrants (Photo: Kristof Holvenyi/JRS Europe).
Croatian language lesson in Zagreb, Croatia (Photo: Kristof Holvenyi/JRS Europe).
Croatian language lesson in Zagreb, Croatia (Photo: Kristof Holvenyi/JRS Europe).
JRS shelter in Skopje, Macedonia (Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi/JRS Europe).


JRS South-East Europe Director:

Stanko Perica


JRS Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Director:

Hamdija Lipovaca


JRS Croatia Country Director

Janko Gredelj

Project locations: Zagreb, Ježevo


JRS Kosovo Country Director

Orjana Shabani


JRS Macedonia Country Director

Dejan Stračkovsk

Project locations: Skopje


JRS Serbia Country Director:

Miodrag Zivković

Project locations: Belgrade


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