JRS Europe’s work is inspired by the following core values that inform our work:


Compassion means treating others with equity and respect, and working to alleviate the suffering of others, starting from a base of love, empathy and understanding.


Hope is the quality of the spirit that provides the necessary energy and direction to keep working towards our aims for an inclusive and welcoming society. Guided by hope, JRS focuses on positivity and solutions rather than problems. Through accompaniment, JRS can inspire hope among people in difficult situations, there by contributing to societal change.


Dignity means that all human beings, regardless of their social status, circumstances or identity, are endowed with human rights, agency and a unique personal history. These human rights are inherent and inalienable and must therefore always be respected and protected.


Solidarity is represented by our firm and preserving commitment to do good in society for individuals. It is present when JRS respectfully walks alongside and works with people – refugees and migrants from diverse cultures, nationalities and religions – in order to find solutions for their needs.


Hospitality is at the heart of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can be ‘at home’. For JRS, hospitality begins upon a person’s first arrival, and we create spaces where people interact, make connections and develop positive networks of relationships.


Justice is achieved when people – regardless of race, religion, gender, age or ability – enjoy equal opportunities and conditions that ensure access to a dignified way of life. JRS engages in a root cause analysis of injustices that refugees and migrants face in order to seek positive societal and cultural change.


Participation is a way of working that intentionally involves refugees and migrants in decision-making, planning and evaluation as well as in efforts to raise awareness and advocate on their own behalf. Participation is rooted in relationships based on trust, mutuality and reciprocity. More broadly, participation strives to empower refugees to contribute actively and confidently to society.