Integration begins from the moment an asylum seeker, refugee, or forced migrant arrives in Ireland. It is a two-way process that helps to create an environment of respect for diversity and equality and benefits both the newcomers and the host community.

JRS Ireland advocates a coherent and adequately resourced integration model, which meets the housing, employment, health, education, and welfare needs of all people arriving in Ireland by offering a range of services and projects. We provide language support, legal support and assistance with the integration of children into schools. JRS Ireland prioritises efforts to increase the employability of asylum seekers in order to facilitate their successful transition from Direct Provision.


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Field trip organised by JRS Ireland (Photo: JRS Ireland).
Presentation of a report by JRS Ireland Director, Eugene Quinn (Photo: JRS Ireland).
A group of women learning to sew (Photo: JRS Ireland).


JRS Ireland Country Director

Eugene Quinn


Project locations: Dublin, Limerick

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