Terms of reference for video development and dissemination in the framework of European Elections Communications Campaign

15 November 2023|JRS Europe|Terms of Reference

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Project Title: MACH 2024

JRS Europe seeks a communications agency to develop and disseminate a video in the framework of a 2024 European Elections Communications Campaign aimed at raising awareness, motivating people to participate and vote taking into consideration the impact of their vote on migrant rights through one long campaign video and four short topic videos.

The videos should be attractive and engaging, tailored for social media and its reach should be furthered by social media ads campaign that will be included in the budget.

The target audience of this campaign will be first time voters.

Project Description

About understanding MACH 2024

Mobilising All for our Common House 2024 (MACH 2024) is a project coordinated by JRS Europe that aims to raise awareness about the 2024 European Elections, motivate people to participate and vote taking into consideration the impact of their vote on migrant rights. It aims to achieve it by creating a social media first campaign targeting first time voters through four short topic videos and one longer campaign video that will be published and supported by a social media ad campaign. The campaign aims to reach over the course of six weeks between April, May and June 2024 500.000 people, out of which 1.000 people will register to the together.eu platform.


About the Jesuit Refugee Service Europe

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic organisation with a mission to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees and others who are forcibly displaced. In Europe, JRS is present in 23 countries and has a regional office in Brussels. It serves more than 180.000 people around the continent annually. JRS Europe’s strategic framework 2021-2024 identifies four key strategic areas: Access to protection, Ending Immigration Detention, Promoting Social Inclusion and Awareness Raising. The key ongoing projects at a regional level are: (1) the environmental change and migration awareness raising program “CHANGE Environment”, (2) the advocacy driven detention reporting “Detention Under the Spotlight” and (3) the response to the crisis in Ukraine “The One Proposal”.

Scope of the work

The service provider is expected to develop one creative and engaging campaign video, four short topic centred videos and a social media ad campaign (with budget included) to expand their reach.

The final campaign video should be a 5-minute engaging, impactful, motivational, and informational non-partisan video targeted to first-time voters. The video should be created using any engaging visual technique, narration, music and/or sound effects.

The four topic videos must share the same visual identity and objectives but be shorter in nature and each focus on one of the aspects of the common house metaphor (each person’s home, the house of Parliament, Europe, and the world). The video should be created using any engaging visual technique, narration, music and/or sound effects.

The social media ad campaign should help reach the target audience and include the budget necessary to implement it.

All videos and posts should be translated (Dubbed in the case of videos) to 6 languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Polish and Romanian.

Target group:

The final product is designed for first time voters in Europe. The product will be disseminated via JRS Europe’s and its network’s social media and digital communications channels. The product will also be published on JRS Europe website.

Required Qualification

  • Proven experience in creative content development in the Communications Campaign
  • At least 2 similar works
  • Experience developing raising awareness elections campaign is an asset
  • Fluency in English is required

Application process

The service provider is expected to send a short offer as well as 2 previous similar works by Sunday 10 December 2023 at 23.59. Moreover, JRS Europe requires a written estimate of the cost of the service.