We are looking for a Regional Finance Officer for the Ukraine emergency Response

29 September 2022|JRS Europe

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The JRS Europe Finance Officer for the Ukraine emergency response collaborates with the Ukraine Project Officer, the Regional Programmes Coordinator and the Regional Finance Coordinator, as well as engages with the local office teams in the respective countries (UA, RO, PL, HU, SK, MV) in proposing and implementing a regional financial strategy for this specific project in support of Ukrainian refugees and IDPs. The UA Finance Officer will have specific responsibilities regarding JRS Europe Ukraine’s project on internal financial monitoring, periodic finance reports for donors, and preparation of documentation for balance cloture/ project audit.

S/he comes with sound analytical skills and a creative mindset and is in tune with JRS mission and way of working. The UA Finance Officer engages with fellow team members in the Brussels Regional Office, as well as JRS national offices’ teams in working towards a common vision. S/he comes with good networking skills and is available to travel to JRS national offices to assist them.

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EXTENDED DEADLINE: Monday 31, October until 11:30 am