The President’s Council of JCEP visited JRS Europe to discuss ways of strengthening our mission

07 September 2022|JRS Europe

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President's Council of Jesuit Conference of European Provincials with the JRS Europe team

Yesterday we were visited by a group of Jesuit Provincials, who are part of the President’s Council of Jesuit Conference of European Provincials (JCEP).  Together, we discussed projects and possible collaborations to strengthen our work.

JRS Europe is a network of autonomous Country Offices in which the ultimate responsible is the respective Provincials. Therefore, JRS Europe is a also work of the JCEP.

The Regional Office works with and for the JRS country offices, and it has established itself as the main reference point for them – supporting the country offices in identified areas, including best practice exchange through the network, programmatic growth, advocacy and communication expansion, fundraising, and capacity building.

Thank you Elemér, Damian, Miran, Herminio and Franck. Your presence represents strong support to our mission and also a close link to JRS country offices across Europe.