One year Temporary Protection Directive: a call for continued support for refugees from Ukraine

23 June 2024|JRS Europe

On 4 March 2022 the Council of the European Union unanimously activated the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) for people fleeing from Ukraine.

This landmark decision has allowed millions of refugees immediate and collective access to protection, rights and essential services in the EU Member States.

JRS Europe joins other 18 civil society organisations organizations in praising the activation of the TPD and all practical steps undertaken to welcome and support refugees from Ukraine.

Yet, ensuring all refugees from Ukraine enjoy the rights provided by the TPD has not been without challenges.


One year from the activation of the TPD, we call on the EU and Member States to redouble efforts to ensure its effective, uniform, and inclusive implementation by addressing the following issues:

  • Address barriers to enjoyment of status and rights
  • Protect children and ensure they are in school
  • Protect non-Ukrainians, stateless people and Roma fleeing Ukraine
  • Prevent backsliding of support
  • Invest in refugee inclusion and longer-term solutions from the start
  • Promote equal treatment of refugees.


See here the full statement.