Celebrating Voices of hope with people on the move

12 June 2024|JRS Europe

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In the framework of the upcoming World Refugee Day (June 20th), JRS Europe, the Chapel for Europe, Don Bosco International, and Sant’Egidio held an event celebrating the positive stories and best practices with people on the move.

Under the title “Voices of Hope”, the event started with Tetiana Romanchenko sharing her story of integrating in Belgium after fleeing Ukraine.

She highlighted the difficulties she found along the way, including finding housing or recognition of her doctorate diplomas, but also the multiple triumphs, such as her children learning French and finding friendships in the migrant community in Belgium.

Afterwards, Claudia Bonamini (JRS Europe) moderated a round table on best practices for integration with:

  • Pedro Ayala (Don Bosco) presented the Salesian Youth project in Oostende and underlined the importance of safe spaces for youngsters.
  • Eliane Maes (Saint Egidio) highlighted the achievements of the humanitarian corridors that allowed refugees to arrive in Belgium and how it helps open the door to recognising the shared humanity and dispel fears.
  • Geert Bukkems (Global Environment Champions and partner of JRS Europe in the Change Environment programme) shared his experience empowering climate refugee activists in the Global South and connecting communities from around the world excited to take action on Climate issues.

The event concluded with snacks prepared by a refugee entrepreneur from Ukraine and a networking session among the participants.