Bosnia and Herzegovina: Systemic solutions and meaningful EU support, including safe pathways, could prevent recurring humanitarian emergencies

12 January 2021|JRS Europe

Bira camp in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Photo: Kristof Holvenyi/JRS Europe).
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Hundreds of migrants and asylum-seekers remain abandoned in northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in the wasteland that hosted camp Lipa, erected last year as a temporary accommodation during COVID-19 pandemic and closed down on December 23. For the third week, they have been sleeping under open sky with sub-zero temperatures. Due to the inability of the politicians at all levels of government in the country to reach an agreement, all attempts to relocate the Lipa residents to winter-ready centres elsewhere in BiH have failed. Leading human rights organizations urge the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to ensure immediate humanitarian support, including suitable shelter and assistance, to migrants and asylum-seekers on its territory.