Security Decree bis in Italy: dark page of the democratic history of Italy

06 August 2019

Brussels, 6 August 2019 – JRS Italy (also known as Centro Astalli) expresses serious concern about the approval of the Security Decree bis in Italy.

Particularly alarming are the measures aiming at hindering or preventing private ships from rescuing migrants at sea at a time when European states have ceased all rescue operations in the Mediterranean. 

Leaving migrants in Libya or letting them die in the Mediterranean is not only inhumane, but also certainly not a deterrent for those who are forced to flee their countries because of wars, persecution or serious needs. In the absence of legal alternatives to reach safety, these people will not stop in front of the dangers of the sea or of the Libyan detention centres. 

Centro Astalli reiterates that managing migration is a European issue that requires common commitment and assumption of responsibility to achieve shared solutions that respect human life and dignity.

"With the approval of the Security Decree bis, we write a dark page of the democratic history of Italy. While skilfully seeding fear and hatred to distract the public, the Security Decree strikes at the heart of our constitution, of our history, of our principles of civilization with astonishing simplicity. We step upon international conventions and human rights with anti-solidarity demagogic norms," said Fr. Camillo Ripamonti, President of Centro Astalli.