Easter greetings: the resurrection spirit among refugees

29 March 2024|JRS Europe

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Refugees show us how thirsty they are for a full and dignified life. They know the price of life because they have faced violence, misery, humiliation, and fear. Leaving their homeland, learning a new language, losing their network of relationships, and creating new ones in a foreign country. Even though our refugee sisters and brothers carry the scars of many challenges and losses, they stand up.

When we see how they face these ordeals – with so much “extra soul” and courage – we can believe in the Risen Lord!

It therefore becomes our common duty to create the conditions for everyone to have the right and the means to determine their own future.

The people we accompany, who are not resigned to their fate, are bearers of an indefectible hope that propels us along the path to the Resurrection: “The poor are not forgotten forever. The hope of the needy shall never perish!” (Psalm 9:19).

Thank you for helping us to work for a new life for those who need it most.

Happy Easter!