Annual Report 2020

20 June 2021

It is with great pleasure that JRS Europe presents the Annual Report 2020, an outline of the work carried out by the Regional Office in Brussels as well as the 22 national JRS offices across Europe. 

JRS continued to pursue this work guided by its mission to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees and others who are forcibly displaced. The year 2020 was rocked to its core by the Covid-19 pandemic and, unfortunately, the pandemic exacerbated the already existing problems for the most vulnerable and marginalized people in societies, including asylum seekers and refugees. In an unprecedented year like this, JRS launched its largest humanitarian assistance in Europe.  The different offices of JRS promptly responded to the human health crisis whom it accompanies and serves.  


JRS celebrates its 40th anniversary

Also in 2020 JRS celebrated its 40th anniversary. On this special occasion, JRS celebrated the different Faces of its staff members, volunteers, refugees and migrants, by posting their pictures online and publishing their interviews. Additionally, the Annual General Meeting of JRS gathered over 100 staff members and volunteers digitally to celebrate this momentous milestone.  



As the year went by, the pandemic loomed large and extended lockdowns became the norm. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, JRS continued implementing its awareness raising project CHANGE in schools in nine European countries. Given the outbreak of the Coronavirus, all partners stepped up to the challenges by adapting the content of the six lessons to online learning so students could continue learning about the topics of migration and asylum. 


The work of JRS country offices in Europe 

The report aims to present a summary of the work undertaken by each of the 21 JRS national offices in Europe and by JRS partner in Spain. The report sheds light on the various kinds of assistance offered to refugees like advocating for their inclusion, offering language classes and providing employment support.  


Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude

The Annual report of JRS is not only a record of our journey but is also an expression of appreciation and gratitude towards our donors, supporters, staff and volunteers. Our commitment towards fulfilling our mission to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees would never have been possible without their firm dedication toward the mission.