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20 Action point for the Global Compacts 2018

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Journeys of Hope
Stories of refugees on the road to Europe, January to March 2016.

Routes De L’Espoir

Auf Wegen der Hoffnung

Viaggi di Speranza

Viajes de Esperanza

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Recommendations for the development of safe and legal paths to protection in the European Union
Our organisations represent Churches throughout Europe – Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic – as well as Christian agencies particularly concerned with migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. As Christian organisations we are deeply committed to the inviolable dignity of the human person created in the image of God, as well as to the concepts of the common good, of global solidarity and of the promotion of a society that welcomes strangers. We also share the conviction that the core values of the European Union as an area of freedom and justice must be reflected by day-to-day politics. It is against this background that we make the following proposals for the development of safe and legal paths to protection in the European Union.

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Manual for Detention Visitors
After years of experience in detention visiting, the JRS Europe network decided that it was time to gather the observations and expertise acquired in one book. And the best way to pass on that knowledge to new team members starting out as detention visitors is to present it in the form of a manual, including exercises and encouragement to real learning.

Being a detention visitor means to work within a multicultural environment, with people in distress. JRS has produced this manual for new detention visitors as a tool to help them and in particular new detention visitors to work in such a difficult environment. The first chapter deals with intercultural differences and intercultural communication; the second chapter provides psycho-social support to detainees; and the third chapter presents the international detention legal framework and advocacy issues.

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Hospitality on the frontiers: 34 years of service to refguees
In the Jesuit Refugee Service, we believe that opening one’s door to the displaced is not only a Christian value, but a human one. Our understanding recognises the claim that all of us have to be welcomed, not because we are members of a specific family, race or faith community, but simply because we are human beings who deserve welcome and respect. Responding to these diverse needs, we often overlook our common need as individuals and communities to be loved and to love. Hospitality is essential to accompany refugees seeking asylum from persecution, war and natural disasters.
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Working with Urban refugees: a handbook
Scholars and practitioners alike have noted the rapid increase in the urbanization of forced migration during the first decade of the twenty-first century. Today more than half the world’s refugees live in urban areas, as opposed to camps and rural settings. This percentage is likely to grow in the coming years in line with the global urbanization trend affecting developing countries in particular.

As one would expect, the activities of JRS reflect this trend: many of its programs — especially in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa — are now located and implemented in major urban centers.

What may come as a surprise is that, from its inception in 1980, Jesuit Refugee Service has always hosted projects in urban areas.

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