Interval training runners


Interval training runners

seconds “all out”

Interval training is known as a method and has been used in training athletes since the beginning of the last century. The method became popular thanks to such runners as Paavo Nurmi, Vladimir Kuts and others. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the segments of high intensity are replaced by lighter segments, during which the body has time to recover to the next acceleration. Thus it is believed that the student can withstand more time at high intensity, which contributes to progress. Immediately it should be emphasized that such a load is extremely extreme for the body and can easily lead to overwork, the main thing here is not to overdo it.

In high performance sports, this training method is used in conjunction with others. Planning an interval load is an art in itself, with its own nuances and details. You should be able to calculate the duration of intervals, their intensity, the duration of recovery masterbol pauses, the number of repetitions, etc. We will not go into these nuances that are important in sports achievements, but we will pay attention to the trend that is gaining momentum in the use of interval training in the training of athletes.

seconds “all out”

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In the west, and not least in Russia, time and time management dictate the conditions of life and the schedule of life. As a rule, in a tight schedule, between Testosterone pills indications for men – NEXTGEN work and family responsibilities, people are trying to pay more attention to health. In such a tight frame, not everyone has those 2 hours to train according to all canons. That is why recently began to gain popularity method of interval intensive training. Literally in recent years, a session of lectures on the latest research on this subject is present almost everywhere at the most significant international conferences. There is less studied than now unexplored and the relevance of research is at its peak.

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Next, we will discuss the more practical aspects of interval training for amateurs, its impact on physical performance, the types of interval training and its effect on the body. We will also touch upon the possible risks associated with the use of interval training.

As already mentioned, the construction of IT uses high-intensity segments that alternate with low-intensity segments that are necessary for recovery. The duration of the intense segments can be divided interval training at:

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– short

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– average duration and

seconds “all out”

– long interval workouts.

In the first category, segments of less than 2 minutes are used. As a rule, lasting from 30 to 90 seconds at supramaximal intensity. Also, several works have been done on the so-called SIT – sprint interval training, sprint interval training. Supramaximal in this case means that the intensity achieved in these exercises is beyond the value of the magnitude of the IPC. In fact, these segments are performed on the intensity corresponding to anaerobic metabolism. Since the segments are not so long in duration, lactic acid (and other metabolites of anaerobic metabolism) do not have time to accumulate to critical values. This period should be a segment of lower intensity, during which, having accumulated lactic acid is used by the muscles as an energy source, it is processed. Then the next acceleration begins.

Thus, alternating the intensity, the volume of the executed high intensity load exceeds the volume that the athlete is able to perform continuously. This is the essence of the interval method. The most popular type of IT of short duration is the method of Tabata, a Japanese physiologist, who first published a study where he applied short high-intensity cuts. For the sake of fairness, it is worth noting, however testabol, that this method originates from eastern Germany where it was applied back in the 60s of the last century, and the Swedish scientists Astrand and xxx used this template. In the USSR, this was also not unusual, and the coaching slang method was jokingly called multi-pulti. Do not be surprised if soon in the gyms and fitness studios in the West in the schedule you can meet trainings on Tabata and you want to think that in Russia we will see multi-track training schedules :)))

Next, I would like to cite several studies where this type of IT was used specifically on physical culture. This group is of more interest and is relevant for most people who want to improve their physical fitness and improve their health.

The study involved 48 experimental subjects (35m, 13g). The average age of 24 years, weight 74kg, height 173cm and IPC 47 ml / min / kg. Right from the level of the IPC, it can be said that this is the level of a good physical athlete running 10km in 47-50 minutes, and the half marathon in 1 hour 45-55 minutes. This group was divided into 4 subgroups. I will concentrate only on the most interesting results and the following groups:

– 30 seconds “all out” with Bodybuilding for wimps. Natural bodybuilding and rank increase | Dr. Dan\’s Lip Balm 4 minute breaks,

– 10 seconds “all out” with 4 minute breaks,

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– 10 seconds “all out” with 2 minute breaks,

– comparative group.

In total, the study lasted 2 weeks during which 6 sessions were conducted.

Table 1 and 2 show the test results before and after the experiment.

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Graph 1 shows the results of changes in the IPC as a result of training of a different orientation.

The table shows that in both the first and second groups there was a significant increase in the BMD index. If you paid attention, the IPC did not grow at all, a couple of people in both groups, he even fell. It is also striking that the fall occurred in people with the lowest initial indices. Apparently for these people the load turned out to be excessive, which led to a drop in functional readiness. This once again underlines the need for an individual approach in training and systematic monitoring of the condition of the students. “One size doesnt fits all”. Together with the growth of the IPC, the results in running for a distance of 5 km regularly improved.

To be continued…

Author: Sergey Ilukov, Sports Doctor, University of Helsinki


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