JRS Germany calls on decision-makers to uphold right to protection in EU
25 January 2018

Map of Turkey from the UNHCR data portal Syria Regional Refugee Response. There are 3.4 million registered Syrian refugees in Turkey. Many live in very precarious circumstances. (Photo: UNHCR)
Joint position: 'Für den Fortbestand des Zugangs zum individuellen Asylrecht in Europa'
People who flee war, terror and persecution must be given protection – also in Europe!
Berlin, 25 January 2018 - The discussions on the reform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) are in full swing, both in EU institutions in Brussels and in the national capitals. In a joint statement with other German refugee organisations, JRS Germany today has called on decision-makers both in Germany and the EU to ensure the continuation of the individual right to protection in Europe.

JRS Germany and its partners are particularly concerned that many of the proposals currently debated, such as the mandatory use of the ‘safe third county’, would result in shifting the responsibility for refugee protection to third countries outside the EU. 

“The application of such a concept would result in Member States having to immediately return protection-seekers to third countries without ever having checked their protection claims,” says Stefan Kessler, Policy and Advocacy Officer at JRS Germany. 

“And this policy would be flanked by massive encroachments upon fundamental rights of protection-seekers, including the right to a fair asylum procedure.”

JRS Germany and its partners strongly oppose these policies: “People who flee war, terror and persecution must be given protection – also in Europe! The current efforts to ‘reform’ the European asylum system must not result in an externalisation of refugee protection to countries which are already in crisis. The EU must not shirk its responsibility for international refugee protection,” concludes Kessler.

 JRS Europe shares the concerns and supports the position of JRS Germany and its partners. Read here our views on the proposed reform of the Common European Asylum System.

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