Meet Yasmina

Yasmina Lansman is 41 years old. She is Belgian and works at JRS Belgium

What is your relation with JRS?

It’s a professional relationship. I have been working for JRS Belgium since the end of August 2020. As a humanitarian worker in conflict and post-conflict countries, I have often had the opportunity to meet and sometimes collaborate with Jesuits. I have always admired their work with vulnerable people around the world and am happy to have the opportunity to work with them through JRS.

If you had to say something that defines yourself, what would it be?

For me, it is very important to contribute to a more just and united world. I am curious and passionate about everything human, especiallythe people I meet in my work. I feel touched by their history, their struggles and their resilience.

What values matter more in your life?

I believe justice and solidarity are the values that should be the foundation of our contemporary societies.

How do you want to contribute to your community?

I would like to serve and defend the rights of my community.To do this, I would contribute to a more inclusive society where everyone counts, regardless of status, religion or skin color.

What is the change that you want/wish to see in Europe?

I want a more democratic Europe that contributes to the well-being of all its people. I want a Europe that truly embodies the values of justice and solidarity,treating all humans fairly. A Europe that is inspiring and open to the world, making its diversity a progressive force.

Why do you think the work of JRS is relevant today?

JRS’ works with vulnerable migrant populations seems to be indispensable today, in a world that tends to close in on itself, losing concern for the other. Indeed, by working particularly with populations that most people refuse to see, JRS is proving to be an inspiration to anyone who still believes in our common humanity.

How does your work/activity contribute to JRS mission?

As a volunteer?, I aspire to accompany, serve and defend the rights of the people I meet each and every week in the JRS centres.

What does JRS mean to you?

For me, JRS is a caring community with strong values of justice and fraternity.