Meet Marta

Marta Sánchez-Briñas works as an asylum lawyer at Pueblos Unidos, partner organization of Jesuit Migrant Service in Spain

Why do you think the work of Pueblos Unidos is relevant today?

Pueblos Unidos’ work is relevant because it supplies the many needs of the most vulnerable people.

It is an oxygen balloon for many migrants, socially, legally, professionally, and even personally. Our mission is to accompany them throughout their process, serve them and defend their rights. We do this as if it were our own case, looking tenderly at the reality that there is in front of us, while being at the front lines of society.

How does your work contribute to Pueblos Unidos?

My job at Pueblos Unidos is to serve in the legal field, in the field of immigration, hospitality and Cie. Creating space so that vulnerable people have a voice and can gain back the dignity that they consider to have been lost.

Inside the CIE, we accompany people deprived of liberty with a humane and close treatment. Our goal is defend their rights.

We also work in defence of unaccompanied foreign minors, a reality that worries me so much, and for which I work extremely hard. Seeing children and young people who have to fight for a future, who have great potential, is very difficult. Explaining their rights and obligations and accompanying them in their migration process until their integration is unimaginable.

One of my main objectives is to make organizations and society aware of the reality of migrants, representing their interests. Build a fairer world.

What does Pueblos Unidos mean to you?

Pueblos Unidos is a channel that helps me reach the most vulnerable people. I have always had social concerns, especially with the most disadvantaged, so it is a privilege for me to be part of the team. It is enriching to be around people in need who teach you every day and make you stronger. People who care about you, when they are broken, and make you value life.

It has given me the opportunity to continue growing both professionally and personally, enjoying my work every second and encouraging me to get up every day with a smile.