Meet Lucie

Lucie Renard is 23 years old. She collaborates as a full-time volunter as project lead as JRS France. She mostly focus on communication, fundraising and on-site activities

If you had to say something that defines yourself, what would it be?

Idealistic and committed.

What values matter more in your life ?

Love of neighbour, joy and sharing.

How do you want to contribute to your community?

I was very privileged in my childhood so I want to give back a little of what I had the chance to get. I want to use the skills I acquired in my studies to help those around me.

What is the change that you want/wish to see in Europe?

I wish that European countries could join forces to fight for human rights.

Why do you think the work of JRS is relevant today?

I believe the work of JRS is relevant today because the world is facing ever-growing inequalities and polarization of opinions. JRS is a way to live together on an equal ground, leaving prejudices outside of the room.

How does your work/activity contribute to JRS mission?

My job consists of helping the JRS France Development team in its diverse tasks. It is quite corporate work but I am convinced that it is absolutely necessary in every structure. With this job, I feel part of a good cause, and this changes everything.

What does JRS mean to you?

Working at JRS France means doing mybest every day to create a better world for people in need. Here I can use my skills for a meaningful purpose, and this is priceless.