Meet Daylla

Dallya Alhorri works as Refugee Activities Coordinator at JRS UK

If you had to say something that defines you what would it be?

I’m a person who feels extremely passionate about the work I am doing. I love helping, supporting and motivating people to change their lives, feel better and valued with better ability to face the challenges they are facing every day.

What values matter most in your life?

To do what I believe in, to accept any differentiation between people, NO matter what religion you believe in or what language you speak only to be treated as a human being and keep the earth as nice place for everyone!

How do you want to contribute to your community?

I want to be an advocate for diversity, respect, love and support.

What is the change that you want to see in the UK / Europe?

We are all humans regardless of our race, gender and religion therefore I wish to see everyone get a fair chance to showcase who they are without prejudice and instead support and respect from the community for the differences.

Why do you think the work of JRS UK is relevant today?

I believe that JRS brings substantial support and hope for those who most need it and as seen through my workings at JRS I’ve seen how impactful our work is for our refugee friends. Whether it’s through activities or general support, JRS’s relevance increases each day, especially in crucial global times like now.

How does your work/activity contribute to JRS mission?

The huge impact in their lives by providing support, understanding the challenges and walk with them in their journey during the hardest times they are facing in the UK.

I think that my work helps our refugee friends feel supported and empowered and as though someone is understanding the struggles they may be feeling through their most challenging periods in life. Our work also allows them to know that they aren’t alone and that they are going to be helped through these difficult times.

What does JRS UK mean to you?

JRS is the exact needed organisation that provides tools in which we can put to use in order to provide the needed services for our refugee friends. It has also not discriminated against me due to me following a different religion and instead allowed me to embrace my beliefs freely which has allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in order to be the best me which can provide the best work. My favourite part is being a part of an amazing working team!