Meet Carola

Carola Jimenez, JRS Europe Programme Coordinator. She is from Spain but works in Belgium

If you had to say something that defines yourself, what would it be?

I am very committed to the cause. Maybe I have a very rational way of thinking and evaluating things, but I also believe I have a lot of empathy that helps me to see the problems and the realities from the other’ point of view!

What values matter more in your life?

Love, empathy, respect and justice are most valuable in my life.

How do you want to contribute to your community?

I really try to contribute to my community in a positive way, helping when I can, respecting others and building bridges to create better understanding. I believe this is importanteven if I do not always share the same opinions or values as others.

What is the change that you want/wish to see in Europe?

I believe what Europe needs most is more unity and social justice.

Why do you think the work of JRS is relevant today?

It would be incorrect for me to say otherwise since I have been working for JRS for a long time. I think that our work at JRS is relevant for the people we serve and accompany. We are a drop more among the other civil society organizations that try to change things and support the most vulnerable in our societies, which in our case are refugees and forced migrants. Today, our work is relevant because our societies are becoming more and more polarized and have lost some essential values such as social justice or solidarity.

How does your work/activity contribute to JRS mission?

I believe that my work helps to support the valuable work of my colleagues to better serve our beneficiaries and to defend their rights.

What does JRS mean to you?

After so many years, JRS has become a kind of family. We share many things such as goals and values but also lived experiences. We have experienced together many happy moments but also difficult ones. All of this creates links among us and in turn common memories.