Meet Angélica

Angélica Zuloaga works as a psychologist in Jesuit Migrant Service in Valencia, Spain

Why do you think the work of SJM Valencia is relevant today?

For people, thinking about a just and ideal world is dystopian .The different situations of vulnerability, forced migration, and multiple violations of Human Rights make entities such as the SJM gain value, especially when you have a focus on women. Recognizing ourselves as equals is necessary in the WELCOME process not only for social and political advocacy, but also for recognizing the worth of the migrants themselves. –

How does your work/activity contribute to SJM Valencia?

The SJM’s mission is transversal to the needs of migrants, including the human, social and political. If we add the voice of women and a commitment to the common home, this contribution itself could be the force of change through small actions, active listening and social advocacy. We amplify the voices of those who couldn’t speak up in their countries, making their strength rumble in their host environment.

What does SJM Valencia mean to you?

It is and has been the opportunity to grow professionally, personally and humanly. I’M HAPPY!!