Meet Agnes

Agnes Rausch is from Luxembourg. She has helped the Jesuits to Create JRS Luxembourg and she is the current Director

If you had to say something that defines yourself, what would it be?

Full of life. Happy when I’m together with others.

What values matter more in your life?

Solidarity, respect, justice, responsibility, humility and hope.

How do you want to contribute to your community?

Energize people. I want to challenge people to put their talents together for us, reflect on the various needs and look for solutions (that includes cleaning Jesuit houses!!).

Why do you think the work of JRS is relevant today?

Because we work in the field with a strength structure. We are flexible when it comes to the needs of the target group. We rethink and adapt to new reality.

How does your work/activity contribute to JRS mission?

I helped JRS Luxembourg become a reality.

What does JRS mean to you?

Lots of work. Hope for better integration of refugees in our society. Hope for welcoming society in every way.