The story of thousands: Rahim
21 May 2019

Brussels, 21 May 2019 – ‘’The Power of Vote’’ campaign is not only about making people aware of the importance of voting, but also of the significance of its substance. We must consider that with our vote we do not only represent ourselves. We make the voices of the refugees and migrants heard at the EU political level.  

In most of their host countries, refugees and migrants are usually not able to exercise their voting right fully or even not at all as a result of complex national citizenship rules, despite the fact that they are directly addressed and affected by EU policies. 

At JRS, we seek to share the stories of all those refugees and migrants that we encounter, accompany and empower every day. By telling the stories of Morteza, Michael, Ahmad and Rahim we want to send the message of a Europe of protection, dignity, liberty and equal treatment, where people will be able to fulfil their aspirations regardless of their origin and status.

I want peace and fairness for everybody in the world

I am Rahim. I am from South Sudan and I came to Romania in 2012 to seek protection.  I left my country due to the political situation. As the tensions escalated, I became a target because I am not a Muslim.

Upon my arrival in Romania, I submitted an asylum application but because of my mental health issues, I could not attend the interview, so my asylum application was denied. I was placed in a Public Custody Centre and I was kept there for more than 10 months until my repatriation procedure was completed, even though I suffer from schizophrenia. Nevertheless, the immigration office decided to tolerate me, as I was stateless, and this did not make my removal possible.  

I am now an asylum seeker again and I am waiting for a decision to be issued on my case. I remain a sick and tired man.

The Power of Vote

JRS Europe is campaigning for a Europe of protection, liberty, dignity, equality and solidarity:

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