Praying with Refugees
Confronted by the conflict, slaughter, and seemingly endless anguish in so many other places in our world, we wonder how God can allow such things to happen. The Old Testament describes how the people of Israel suffered war, violence, famine, persecution, and exile, and how they tried to find the presence of the loving God of the covenant in all those harsh realities.

This section of the website offers readers an opportunity to reflect and pray on the good and evil which happens. As we meet and work with refugees who have confronted evil and suffering, it is important to remind them and ourselves as well to keep in touch with God, the source of all good and love. This is the only way to withstand evil.

Praying with refugees in England: reborn through generosity
01 December 2014
London, 1 December 2014 – Just before Christmas a couple of years ago, I visited a project in East London that supports young unaccompanied migrants. The young people I met that day had been through a great deal. Some had made seemingly impossible journeys, alone, by sea, air and road. Many had lost touch with their families. Some had experienced homelessness and violence, at home, on route and in the UK. Others had been detained and arrested.

Praying with Refugees in Belgium: then the storm died down
25 September 2014
Bruges, 1 October 2014 – Detention centres are places where storms frequently erupt, especially in the spirits of anxious, angry and stressed detainees. They feel overwhelmed, as if drowning. Yet in the middle of these dark storms, suddenly something can change. It is difficult to identify exactly what, but something changes their perspective, draws their attention to elements almost lost in the storm. It might be that God is at work.

Praying with Refugees in Syria: persecuted, but not abandoned
01 October 2013
Homs, 1 October 2013 – Sunday is normally characterised by an atmosphere of love, openness and reciprocity. But now everyday makes our communities more united as these difficult circumstances pull us together and make us stronger, more resilient, just like that symbol of Sunday.

Praying with Refugees: healing the wounds of division
01 June 2013
1 June 2013, Nijmegen – When there is a war or mass displacement, international relief organisations often rush in, help and after a while disappear again. The Church operates differently: it was there before the conflict, may have been part of the problem, hopefully is part of the solution and remains after the other organisations have left.

Praying with Refugees in the United Kingdom
01 July 2012
(London) July 1, 2012 — Visiting the detention centres near Heathrow airport outside of London, Jesuit Refugee Service staff and volunteers accompany failed asylum seekers, in a pastoral capacity, striving to enhance their dignity and strengthen their resolve to remain strong in the face of much uncertainty.